Cagiva WMX 125

The Cagiva WMX 125 was first released as a prototype in 1978, and became the world’s first production motocross bike that was liquid-cooled when it entered production in April of 1979. The WMX125 had a single-cylinder, 124.6cc engine which used both air and water to cool itself. The 1981 Yamaha YZ125 however, was the first production mx’er completely cooled by liquid quickly followed by the 1981 Honda CR250R which was the first in the 250cc class.

The WMX125 had a 34mm magnesium Dell’Orto carburetor and magnesium engine covers. Reed-valve induction and a six-speed gearbox were other features on the first WMX 125. The bike also featured an aluminum cylinder with a nikasil bore, making it stronger than most of the competition’s chrome system. This 125 lead its class in power output, with about 30hp. Great power for a 125cc, especially for the time period.

The frame of the WMX 125 was constructed using chrome-moly tubing, and the suspension first consisted of 35mm Marzocchi leading axle forks with magnesium sliders, and were soon upgraded to 38mm. A pair of Corte Cosso gas shock absorbers were in place in the rear of the bike, an aluminum radiator was used to save on weight, and a very strong American-made swing arm.

The bike was tweaked a bit in the early 80s. Cagiva’s 1983 WMX 125 had a mono shock that they called the “Soft Damp System”. Other changes lead to a higher power output of about 35hp. The carburetor was increased to 36mm, too, and the bike was quickly becoming a contender for the world motocross championship. Cagiva actually won the 125cc world championship in 1985, and released a “World Champion Replica” production bike in 1986. The only thing that differed from the actual championship-winning bike was the bore-and-stroke dimensions. Soon after their win, however, Cagiva purchased Husqvarna and the Cagiva WMX125 was no more.

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