Torsten Hallman

Torsten Hallman with Husky he won 4 world mx titles onTorsten Hallman is not only a four-time World Champion motocross racer from the 1960s, but also the mastermind behind motocross apparel company Thor.

Hallman was born in Sweden in 1940 to a family that was already in to motocross. In fact, they had a practice track on their family farm, and a lot of the top Swedish racers would practice there when they were in the area. Since Hallman began riding at an early age, he had great skills by the time of his first race. He won that race, and then knew what he wanted his entire life to be about.

Torsten won a very important junior race on a Husqvarna in 1957, and was asked to join the Husky factory team. He of course accepted, and that was the beginning of a legacy. He was competing and winning world championships within only a few years. He went to America for the first time in 1966, with Edison Dye of Husqvarna. Their goal was to increase awareness of not only the Husqvarna brand, but motocross in general. Since Hallman was such a great rider, their plan was to enter him in races so that he could win on the Husky. He succeeded.

By the end of the 1960s, Hallman had suffered a back injury that caused his race results to suffer. Husqvarna decided to let him go, allowing the struggling Yamaha squad to pick him up, not only for his riding ability, but his knowledge about bikes. With his input, Yamaha came up with the YZ, which was the first production mx bike to incorporate mono-shock rear suspension.

Hallman eventually became a Husky dealer in Sweden, and sold motocross pants and gloves at races out of the back of his car. He did so well in sales that it led to the creation of motocross apparel company Thor (Torsten Hallman Original Racewear). A business venture that was originally a guy simply selling clothes out of the trunk of his car is now one of the most recognized and most popular motocross brands in the world.

The photos of Torsten Hallman on this page were taken by Justyn Norek of Torino, Italy. Thanks for sharing Justyn!

Torsten Hallman Photo Gallery

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  • Cary says:

    I have a pair of Torsten Hallman motorcycle gloves from the early 70s in perfect condition, wondering what they are worth?

  • Scott Phelps says:

    I have a new pair of vintage Torsten Hallman MX leathers. Found in garage, never worn. Curious if they are rare?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Scott, nope they aren’t rare or valuable at all, you should probably just ship them to me ;). In all seriousness, I don’t know if I would consider them “rare”, but hard to find and getting harder to find for sure. They are valuable and I have watched the selling prices increase over the years as they become more and more scarce and collectible. Nice find!

    • Jon says:

      Hi Scott,
      Do you still have the pants for sale, if so what size are they and can you send some photos.

    • Christopher says:

      Hey, are they blue with yellow stripes made with goat skin I am size large. very cool

    • Gary says:

      I am interested in purchasing a pair.

  • MGras says:

    I have a pair of original 70s Torsten Hallman leather bib pants for sale, in good condition, would anyone happen to know how much they’re worth? Any questions please email me on [email protected]. Cheers.

  • Chris MacAllister says:

    Torsten Hallman GP Motocross GlovesWanted: A pair of Hallman GP motocross gloves in any condition. These were the type worn by pros and amateurs alike in the early 1970s. Contact Chris at [email protected]

  • Cary says:

    I have a pair of original Torsten Hallman gloves 60s or 70s in good shape,
    what would they be worth?

  • Big Sven says:

    …And he’s such a nice and approachable guy, too! Ask a question and even if he was a bit tight for time he’d try to answer it, not put on the sales-talk and try to sell you something.

    HVA’s Bror Jauren told me he was very sad when ‘Totte’ left for Yamaha, “We needed him. We’d had our differences, but who doesn’t? It’s a business, after all, and sometimes harsh decisions must be made. But we simply couldn’t afford to even begin to match Yamaha’s offer. Mark well, he didn’t just hoof-it, he gave us the chance to keep him.”

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