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Husqvarna MotorcyclesHusqvarna Motorcycles has been manufacturing motocross, enduro and supermoto motorcycles since the mid-1900s. The company, however, began in Huskvarna, Sweden as a division of the Husqvarna armament firm. When it started out in the 1800s, Husqvarna was a bicycle manufacturer. They began producing motorcycles in 1903, and opened their own engine factory in 1920. Although they produced quality motorcycles for the street, Husqvarna’s most popular venture would be their motocross and enduro bikes.

Husqvarna produces a diverse range of motocross, enduro and supermoto bikes using their own two-stroke or four-stroke engines. The engine sizes range from 125cc to 576cc. “Husky” is well known for producing world championship winning motocross and enduro bikes, and in the 1960s, their lightweight two-stroke motocross bikes became much more popular than the market-leading British four-strokes.

Husky motocross bikes dominated the World Championships in the 1960s and 1970s, winning twelve championships in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc classes. They have also won 24 Enduro World Championships since 1990, and won their first World Supermoto Championship in 2005.

Husqvarna’s WR, (wide ratio), 250 model was first produced in 1969. The 1972 WR 250 may be the most famous model Husqvarna manufactured, as it was the bike that Malcolm Smith made so popular. Husqvarna also produced a WR 125, 250, 360, 390, 430 and 450.

Husqvarna Motorcycles was sold to Italian motorcycle company Cagiva in 1987. This made Husky a division of MV Agusta Motor SpA. Ever since the sale to Cagiva, Husqvarna motorcycles have been produced in Varese, Italy. Cagiva sold Husqvarna to BMW in 2007, but they are continuing to run Husky as a separate entity, with all of the business continuing to be run in Varese.

Vintage Husqvarna Motorcycles & Parts

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  • Michael Garrity says:

    I am in the begining stages of a ’72 CR 400 build. I need everything !


  • Frank Emerson says:

    Just wondering, there was an 81 430 Husky for sale out of nor cal. It had fox forks and shocks. I stayed away from it, the guy wanted a bunch of money. It needed a frame up restoration. Just wondering who purchased that and how’s it going.

  • Terry Scolarib4wy says:

    Hi. Am chasing a piston for a 72-73 RT Husky 250, can you help me out?
    Cheers. Terry Australia

    • Don says:

      Hi Terry
      Did you find a piston for your RT?
      I have just started a restore on a 73 WR RT 250 and will be looking for similar parts, some advice would be great.
      Don Hobart

  • Terry says:

    Hey Guys – I have a 1978 Husky 250 OR in very good to excellent shape, all repaired and running great. Any idea to real value? Can’t find a guy that really knows… show tank, plus riding tank, plus desert tank, preston petty desert lite etc.

  • Nick says:

    I have a 1985 husky xc250. I need a spark arrestor to ride in many areas, and I’d also like to quiet the bike. My exhaust pipe is in great shape, so I’d like to find a silencer / spark arrestor that will fit my pipe. Will a WR silencer fit, or do you have any other suggestions?



  • Almy hollis says:

    Got a vintage 1975 Husky 460S (mk06958). Single owner all original parts in good condition. My father bought it to desert race back in the 70s and it sat for 20 years in his shed. I got it started last year after cleaning out the engine. Was wondering about restoring it. Any hints on how to go about that without ruining value?

  • Robert W. Lovell says:

    Greetings All,
    I have a 360 Sportsman 8-Speed. Would like to get it running again. Where exactly is a good place to go for parts. Obviously the internet is a source but that’s piecemeal. Also, will I have the option of buying new parts or am I relegated to used ones. Don’t mind for some things but others I prefer new.

  • Philip Williams says:

    Hi, I think I’ve got a 1985 CR500 4 speed which I am restoring. Frame number CP06024, engine number 2494318. Is my info right? Any help would be appreciated.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Philip, 1985 Husqvarna 500 CR frame numbers started at CP-01000 and 1986 started at CP-08000. So, it sounds like you have a 1985.

    • Rex Gardner says:

      Hi I have a 1985 Husky 400 and am looking for ways to restore the white plastic fuel tank. I spoke with some people that do plastic restoration and they say the yellowing from the previous owners leaving fuel in the tank for long periods of time will not come out. Did you have any luck in finding ways to restore the tank? DC plastics makes a plastic skin but it is for the XC and WR models and I have a CR fuel tank.

      Thanks, Rex

      • lee says:


        I found using a light steel wool helps to take yellowing and stains plus small scratches out. Then a little bit of car wax helps to restore the shine a bit.

  • Des Hansen says:

    I have a WR 250 frame number 52586OM / 8TE-000495-WRR200 which I need a set of plastics, if any one has advice would love to hear.

  • Rod Boykin says:

    I am restoring my 1974 Husky 360 CR. would like wiring diagram & if parts are available for ignition system, coil etc. Please respond with info. Thanks a bunch, Rod.

  • Adam Weiskal says:

    I have a 1985 500XC I am completely restoring. It looks amazing, I just have to find an Ohlins rear shock rebuild kit and front Brembo brake rebuild kit for the master cylinder and caliper, and it will be as good as new or better!

  • Chase says:

    I have an ’84 500 XC I’m working on at the moment, awesome bikes!

  • Harold H says:

    Love to get back in touch with a 1983 Husky 250 WR in very good shape… Put many years on one back in the day… Let me know what is available.

  • Kevin Page says:

    Hi guys, I’ve got this old 1979 WR250. I bartered for it, replaced a head gasket on a Honda car. It was seized. I bored it out, new piston and rings, (Honda has the same size wrist pin B.T.W.). I’m just puzzled by the fuel tank. It’s light and dark blue, with a tan border. I haven’t found another anywhere. It does have a mm o3541 frame. I would appreciate any information any one could come up with. Thanks. -Kevin P. Email [email protected].

    • Dennis Hamilton says:

      I’m the original owner of a 1976 Husqvarna 250 WR. The gas tank is red with mirror stainless rectangular areas where your knees rest . My Father had a 1979 Husqvarna 250 WR , the gas tank was nearly identical, the only difference being the stainless rectangular areas were designed slightly longer and less rounded on the corners , the Husqvarna logo was smaller on the 79, but both original colors are red and have a stainless cap. I hope this was helpful.

  • Phil butchers says:

    I am looking for a 1979 250 WR. Call me at 7406493434, ask for Phil.

  • ryan scott says:

    I have a 1984 500xc, needs exhaust but want to sell whole bike. email [email protected]

  • Matt Pace says:

    I have a vintage Husky, MJ07226 on frame, 2021 0724 on frame. I have pics. Could any one tell me what it is or if you would want to buy it? [email protected]

  • BRETT LYONS says:

    I have an old Husqy, from engine number it is a 1980 390.

    The start of the frame number has not been stamped very well. How else can I tell what model it is?

    Also, what other models share the same crank case? I need to get a new clutch cover.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

    [email protected]



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