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Vintage Penton MotorcyclesPenton motorcycles was first introduced in 1968 by John Penton, a noted enduro rider on the dirt bike competition circuit. The first Penton motorcycles were modified small bore European bikes based on the Austrian KTM, with a Sachs engine, but with improved suspension and details.

The early Penton motorcycles made their mark in International Six Days Trials competitions with riders such as future Motorcycle Hall of Fame members Billy Uhl and Carl Cranke. The most popular size was the 125cc (Six Day), but they were also made in 100cc (also Berkshire) and later, in 175cc (Jackpiner, in 1972), 250cc (Hare Scrambler, in 1973), and 400cc (Mint, in 1974). Later models utilized KTM engines, gas forks, lay down shocks, fiberglass gas tanks, plastic fenders and frames of high grade chrome-moly steel.

Other, less-common models included the Mudlark observed trials motorcycle (made by Wassell in England), the Cafe MX (a dual purpose version of the Mudlark), the Hiro 125 (the Six Day with an Italian motor), the Woodsman (an enduro version of the Mudlark) and the K-R (Kenny Roberts) short track racer. Production, development and distribution was taken over completely by KTM Austria in 1978.

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  • mark albertus says:

    I have a 74 Penton 125 6day. I would like to know if the bike originally came with plastic or aluminum fenders? Also what type of number plate/heat shiels for the right side is correct? Mine has a s/s shield hose clamped on the pipe which I know is not right. Thanks, Mark

  • John says:

    I went to school with Tom Penton in Amherst Ohio and his family were building these motorcycles on Northrigde rd Amherst back in 1966, Tom rode in the six day over in Europe I believe in 1967. They had a sales store on Cooper Foster rd in Lorain/Amherst area. Just wondering if these are the same bikes?

  • Lonewolf Silverheels says:

    I am looking for the value of a Penton Motorcycle; a 125 1968 cause I have one and would like to sell it.

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