For Sale: Three Vintage Husqvarna

Three vintage Husqvarna’s: PLEASE READ THE AD.
What you see is how the bikes are to be delivered, there are no spare tanks, no spare stands etc, what is pictured is what is for sale and will be delivered as shown.

Please see better than a barn find. These have been in my family since new, yes that is correct from the days where your dad threw you in the back of a van, drove 90 MPH over I-90 to Mattawa to ride and practice every weekend before the big race.
These bikes are in original unrestored condition, they have been hauled around and in the family garages all of these years. They have been sitting since the late 1980’s.
They were always maintained and yes they did run when we were done. Fuel had been drained and we just kept saying some day. Your father passes away and life then goes on so it is time to say goodbye.

All bikes will be sold with a bill of sale, I do not think there were titles back then. Per the listing I am writing what I know and or remember.

Bike on the left:
1980 390 CR VIN: MN 03553 Engine: 2080 0809 All original minus the what I believe is the Preston Petty Desert tank. The rear swing arm had another shock mount added for a shorter person at some point. This bike was EVIL fast, what we called a WIDOW MAKER, if you have the SAK to really twist the throttle. Has the original pipe, Mikuni Carb all there, see the chain tensioner rear section, a real time capsule, it did run now it is up to you. $3200

Middle Bike:
1975 CR 360 GP Engine: 2045 036 All original except for the Preston Petty front fender. This is also another time capsule, original paint on the steel tank, truly Swedish built vintage Husky. It also ran when we were done. $2500

Bike to the right: 1977 CR 390 VIN: ML 20669 Engine: 2061 1039 This example is really original, all fenders, tank, pipe carb etc, I remember this was the spare back up or when friends came to ride with your dad, after a load of MD 20/20, this never ended well. $2900.

If you are a true rider and a fan of these you know they are a beast and it takes a real man to kick these things to ignite the motor!!! Once started it was a trench digging, rock tossing, vibrating, molar breaking MONSTER. Yes it is the pre mix fuel, nothing smells better once started. ALL BIKES TURN OVER WITH PLENTY OF COMPRESSION.

I would entertain a package buy from a serious buyer, hard to duplicate this lot. [email protected]

Please email your number for a return call back, for viewing and purchase. Serious and knowledgeable only please.

Please do not waste my time I will not waste yours, what you see is what you get, they speak for themselves. These will only increase in value and I hope they go to the right person for complete restoration or get running and ride in the vintage class as is.

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