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Puch MotocrossPuch motorcycles began as a manufacturing company started by the entrepreneur Johann Puch in 1889 in Graz, Austria. Puch is probably best known for their mopeds, bicycles, street bikes and automobiles. In 1970, they entered the off-road motorcycle world. It was at this time period that Ted Lapadakis of California began importing the new 125cc and 175cc motocross and enduro machines.

Puch MotocrossThe 175cc bike was basically the same as the 125 with a larger displacement and different gearing. Here in the states the Puch enduro models were more popular than the motocross models. The MX models were not received as well as the over all looks weren’t exactly “the race style” of that time, due in part to their over-sized seats.

Puch’s 175 mx model never caught fire here in the states. It simply couldn’t match the power or the price tags of the popular 250s from other manufacturers. The 175 featured a 5 speed gear box, produced about 27 ponies, 21 inch front wheel, 18 inch rear wheel, and a 54 inch wheel base.

Along came 1974 and Belgium rider Harry Everts, Stefan Everts father, was assigned to race Puch’s new 250 machine in the World Championship. Everts would go on to finish 3rd overall in 1974. Puch made a lot of adjustments to the bike and Everts seized the championship title for Puch in 1975 aboard his twin Bing carbed MC250 that featured Marzocchi forks and hubs, and a magnesium engine.

To this day the 1976 Puch MC250 and MC400 remain two of the most coveted and rare vintage motocross bikes one could get their hands on. In 1988 Puch sold the motorcycle division to Italian scooter builders, Piaggio.

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  • Puch Parts book lists a decal with both round Puch decal and Penton surround.

  • Dave says:

    Mike, just happened upon your post. I recall being at VMD in Ohio, years back, and noticing a “Penton Puch.” I asked about it and the fellow told me that John Penton was getting some pushback from KTM, and had made overtures to Puch, to place pressure on KTM. I’ll try to think of some more of that conversation. Give me a call at 717-541-9473 if you want. Dave

  • Mike says:

    I need help finding some information about a motorcycle.
    I have a 1972 Puch Penton, can anyone share some information on the history of this motorcycle?
    The only thing that I have been able to find if such a motorcycle ever existed, is a picture taken in Europe with a man standing beside
    the same motorcycle that I have & showing the same Puch Badge & Penton Decal around the Badge on the Gas tank.
    Was there a Puch Penton Enduro produced that year?
    I thought this might have been the case where someone placed a Penton decal around a Puch Badge, but after seeing
    the European photo, there has to be more of a story on this bike.
    I would appreciate any information that someone can share with me about this motorcycle.
    Thank you.


  • Danne says:

    Some Puch bikes look like modern bikes. By the way, when I first looked at their logo, I remembered the Piaggio brand with a similar aesthetics I was surprised when I read that their paths even crossed.

  • Craig Elbert says:

    Hello I’m in search of a bottom end for a 1974 puch 125 SD mine is locked up. Any bottom end parts would be helpful, but I’d rather get a complete one if possible, thanks.

  • Chris says:

    I’m restoring a Puch 1974 125mx and need a full gasket kit. Any idea where I could find one?

    • Anonymous says:

      Chris, if still searching for the gaskets give Motor West in Wisconsin, USA, a try before making them by hand. Matt races his 175’s
      and many gaskets on the 125’s are the same, ‘cept for the cyl/bases and carbs.

  • Salvador Romero says:

    Anybody with 1951 250cc information?
    Thank you

  • Beck Lorenz says:

    Guten Tag, suche dringend für Puch MC 250 Everts-Replica Ersatzteilliste Motor und div. Ersatzteile Kupplung Primär usw.

    (Translated: Good day, urgent searching spare parts list for Puch MC 250 Everts replica engine and various spare parts clutch primary, etc.)

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