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Montesa MotorcyclesMontesa motorcycles was Formed in 1944 by Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Xavier “Paco” Bultó. Their first Montesa prototype was based upon the French Motobécane models of that time. Permanyer began to produce his own gas engines, which allowed for a new area in motorcycles to be explored and expanded into. In May 1958, chief designer Bultó left, taking with him several of Montesa’s vital personnel. Permanyer had not only lost the brilliant designer Bultó, but also his 30% share of the company.

Following its introduction in 1965, the 250 engine would be the cornerstone of the company’s future success. Mounted on the new 250 Scorpion scrambler, Pi won the Spanish championship again in 1966. After adding this title to go along with the road race and six motocross titles, he retired from competition to devote his full energy to bike development.

In the decade following, Montesa had unprecedented growth around the World and one has to remember that unlike Bulto’s bike, the Bultaco, Montesa only sent a small percentage of its production to the States, concentrating mostly on the European market. Motocross models were offered in sizes 125, 175, 250, 360 and 414.

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  • Warren Tully says:

    My first bike 250 1975 king scorpion. Would do anything to have it now.

  • I need info on the opereation of the switch on handlebars .I now 1 is for lights but need 2 know the other functions it has and uses.its a 1976 montesa cota 247T trails bike.

  • Michael says:

    My 1st bike was a Montesa 250 given to me, free for 1st year!!! Next was a full race Kawasaki model F-21M 250 with a full parts kit: piston, clutch plates etc. It had a broken the kick starter, at the track a stranger walks up, smiles, and asks (w/hands) may I??? “Of course.” Side bumps the bike, swings a leg, GAS, wheel up, LAUNCH!!! It was no less than PEDRO PI HIMSELF! 1st to ride the 238cc, fastest 250 to 90 mph bar none. What a ride out!

  • Manny says:

    I need to find a starting price for a complete 1969 360GP, not running.

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