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CZ MotorcyclesCZ is short for Česká Zbrojovka, which is a Czechoslovakian firearms manufacturer that is also known for making CZ motorcycles. In September 1919, CZ was established as a branch of the Škoda Works Armament in Strakonice, Czechoslovakia.

CZ began making street motorcycles in 1932, but abandoned racing them in 1972 so that they could focus on creating CZ motocross bikes. They became very well known for their powerful two-stroke mx bikes and was the first company to use expansion chambers in their exhaust pipes.

Although CZ was very successful in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, they were even more successful with motocross racing, winning seven World Championships and dominating the International Six Day Trials Competition.

Despite CZ’s racing success, the company lost a lot of the motorcycle market with the increase of popularity in the less expensive Japanese motorcycles in the 1970s. In 1993, Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva purchased the motorcycle branch of CZ, with intent to create new proprietary bikes, as well as new CZ models. Cagiva failed in 1997 because of financial difficulties, therefore bringing an end to CZ Motorcycles.

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  • Randy Irwin says:

    Where can I get rings and clutch for a 1973 CZ 250cc model 980.4?

    • mike says:

      Yup my old 72/380 20/1 formula is 128oz. divided by 20oz. = 6.4oz. per gallon. Castrol golden spectro if they still make it.

  • Dan Barnes says:

    Pal plugs. 3.2 before top dead center. Always ran 20 to 1 Castrol, probably would run 50 to 1 now. Klotz was good but Amsoil is the way to go. Happy landings! #31 Danny Barnes

  • Rich Jeffery says:

    I am looking for information on what the suspension is on the 1991 CZ Model 514. The up-pipe 400 motocrosser. Specifically, was the FRONT suspension manufactured by CZ or another supplier. Also, whoever supplied it, was it worth a darn?

    Many thanks and BRAP ON!


  • Ray says:

    Premix. I bought one new in 74.

  • Steve says:

    All CZ motocross bikes were pre-mix only. I had good luck with a 32:1 mixture. I haven’t had a CZ in a while, but I used to run Klotz synthetic oil with a mixture of Klotz Nitro fuel additive. I don’t even know if they make the Klotz anymore. CZ’s run best with a Mikuni carb & a reed valve. I don’t remember which year they started using reeds, but CZ’s are hard on spark plugs if they have the old points & condenser ignition. Mine were 71 & 73 250’s. Safety wire & locktite everything you can, they vibrate almost as bad as an old Maico. The way they make power, they are like a light switch, either all on or all off. The only way you can tear up one of their trannys is to crash real hard on the shifter side & drive it into the cases. I used to race one in the 70’s & we would have clutch hand on top of the helmet starts. When the surgical tube was dropped for the start I would have the engine revved up & just stomp it in gear then grab for the left side of the handle bar as the front end is coming up. Nobody could beat me to the first turn. Miss my old CZ’s, had a lot of memories riding on them.

  • Paul Mcginley says:

    I have just bought an incomplete 1974 CZ motocross. Could someone tell me if there should be a 2 stroke oil tank or is the oil and fuel pre mixed before putting into the fuel tank?

    Many Thanks.

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