Custom 1991 Suzuki RM250

Custom 1991 Suzuki RM 250Check out this killer custom 1991 Suzuki RM250 from owner Jody McGaha!

This is a 1991 RM 250 that has been upgraded, and rebuilt from the frame up. When I got the bike it was a mess. I gave $400.00 for it. It was rusty, not running; everything was shot on it. Since I had never rebuilt a bike and wanted one to look the way I wanted it to, I began the project. Tearing everything apart and cleaning it up one piece at time. I will list some of the things but I’m sure I will miss many items.

  • Replaced the swing arm the old one was bent
  • Replaced all bearings in wheels and all swingarm parts
  • New chain and sprockets
  • Rebuilt water pump
  • Front and rear brake calipers
  • Rebuilt carburetor
  • Rebuilt top-end
  • Replaced 3 cracked motor mounts and broke rear mount/ swingarm bolt
  • Replaced foot pegs with new over-sized
  • Replaced brake pedal toe with over-sized
  • Replaced throttle cable
  • Bought a power valve cover, it was missing
  • Replaced radiator vent line
  • Put new head muffler gaskets and springs on
  • New 2019 front fender and number plate
  • New rads and new rear fender
  • New clutch and brake handles
  • New stop button
  • Cosmetics were painting the frame, wheels, cleaning every part of motor and painting
  • Rebuilt rear shock
  • Custom graphics, shock Sox, and fork guards

I’m sure I’m forgetting things, but the end result was shocking to me! I feel like I have a brand new bike and love riding it! Thanks for reading!

Thank you for sharing Jody!

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Custom 1991 Suzuki RM250 & Parts

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