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Bultaco Pursang MK10 370Bultaco’s main line of motocrossers was the Pursang. The Bultaco Pursang first hit the market in 1965. The leading model in the United States was the 250cc, but Pursangs were built in various engine sizes including 125cc, 360cc and 370cc. Pursangs were always known for their power and excellent handling.

For example, the 1970 250cc Pursang had a single-cylinder two-stroke engine with a displacement of 244.29cc and a bore and stroke of 72x60mm. A 32mm Amal carburetor was used, and the bike had a five-speed gearbox. The front forks had 6 1/2 inches of travel. The back suspension had 5-way adjustable shocks with hydraulic dampening and provided 3 15/16 inches of travel. The 1970 Pursang had 9 5/8 inches of ground clearance and had a dry weight of 220.4 pounds.

Jim Pomeroy was a key player in making the Pursang popular in America. Pomeroy became the first American rider to win an FIM international motocross race aboard a Spanish-made bike when he raced a 1973 250cc Pursang in the 1973 Spanish motocross grand prix. He not only became the first American to win on a Spanish bike, but also the youngest rider to win a World Championship Motocross Grand Prix and the first rider to win this type of event in his debut race. Bultaco Pursangs have continued to leave a mark on the vintage motocross community as they are a popular choice among vmx riders.

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  • Dan Dahl says:

    Im the original owner of a 135, a 194, and a 206. The kids are grown, so it is time to get them rolling again.The 135 starts on the second kick. The 194 needs a little tlc and the lectron carb needs rebuilding. It’s been sitting twenty plus years. The 206 is all there, it needs a new sleeve, piston, and hopefully I won’t have to crack the cases. Rebuilding the amal square box carb.

    • John Kleinman says:

      I’m interested in the Model #194 if you still have it. Call John K at (601) 415-6803

  • Richard says:

    I am looking for info about a Bultaco 250 I owned in the early 70’s. I beleave it was eather late 50’s or early 60’s model but am unsure. The odd thing about the bike was the frount end, as it had a huge cradle suspension. I have seen this same type of forks on Harley’s and the like but never on another dirt bike. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any info on the bike and the front suspension. Thank you, Richard.

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