Bultaco Matador

Bultaco MatadorBultaco’s line of Matadors were hugely popular trail and enduro bikes. Early Bultaco Matador models had aluminum fenders, such as the red and black Matador 200. The Matador MK2 models were produced between 1965-67. The beefed up MK3 250cc models were produced from 1967-1970.

The popular MK4 models were produced between 1971-1972, the MK5 produced between 1973-75, the MK9 350 produced between 1975-78. Finally the Bultaco Matador MK10 models were produced between 1977-79.

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  • William H David says:

    Bback in ’72 I had a 250 Yamaha and was in an enduro race. I had made friends with a couple Germans that were also racing, one had the 250 Matador and the other brother had the 360 el Matedero??? Anyhow, Hauns let me take his 250 Mat’ for a ride. Unbelievable, the difference in power of the two, (Yamaha and Bultaco). I fell in love with that bike and told my friend, I will own one!!! 58 years old, not yet, but it will come to me before I die, beautiful bikes. No matter how old, stay on the pegs.

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