1980 Suzuki RM125T DG Replica

1980 Suzuki RM125T DG Replica1980 Suzuki RM125T DG ReplicaSuzuki fans rejoice! Check out this killer 1980 Suzuki RM125T DG replica! Hailing from the U.K., this ‘zuki belongs to Guy Watts.

Here is my 1980 Suzuki RM125T DG replica, I spent around 3 months restoring it, the engine seemed to run fine so I left that as standard except for the DG head which I very luckily sourced from USA, (at great cost). It seems most parts for these vintage mx bikes are available in US but it are very difficult to find in UK.

Most of the bearings have been replaced along with wheel rims, fork seals etc. Managing to find a lot of parts on eBay, I don’t know how I would of done without it to be honest. I have only just finished the bike so I am yet to see how it rides and handles but am looking forward to taking it out soon.

Thank you for sharing your RM Guy!

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1980 Suzuki RM125T DG Replica & Parts

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