1979 Kawasaki KX400

1979 Kawasaki KX400Here we have another KX from Don Enders of Gratz, PA. This one is a 1979 Kawasaki KX400. How can this be you ask? Those don’t exist. Well, it’s a “Frankenkx” of sorts, but came out looking great! Here’s Don’s comments on his custom KX.

This bike started life as a 1979 KX250 a-5. I purchased the bare frame at a swap meet, it was painted blue. The rest of the parts were inhabiting the shelves in my basement. All major components are OEM Kawasaki from 6 different 1979 KX and KDX models. I wanted a Kawasaki GP500 class bike to race in AHRMA. So, I decided to build one.

Here it is… a heavily modified 1979 KDX400 engine transplanted in a 1979 KX250 frame. No, it is not a bolt in swap. It was done with minor mods to the frame, use of a ’79 KX125 gas tank, etc. All fabrication and bracketry is hand made in my shop. The bike works well, is very fast, light, agile and draws some looks and questions from fellow racers as to what it is. That’s half the fun!

Thanks for sharing another KX Don!

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1979 Kawasaki KX400 & Parts

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