1967 Czechoslovakian 500 MX GP

1967 Czechoslovakian 500 MX GP

We’re going way back in the vintage mx time machine this time as we take a look at the 1967 Czechoslovakian 500 MX GP. This race was held in Sedlcany, Czech Republic on June 18th, 1967. It was the 5th round of the 1967 World Championship Series.

The photo above was the start to the 1967 Czechoslovakian 500 MX GP (Sedlcany). The quickest rider out of the starting gate was Great Britain’s Dave Bickers (No 2) on a 360 CZ. Following Bickers was the East German Paul Friedrichs (No 1), also on a 360 CZ. Behind them you can see Russian Yuri Matveyev (No 13) on a 360 CZ leading Great Britain’s Jeff Smith SMITH (No 6) on a BSA Victor 500, Bengt Åberg (No 18) from Sweden on his Husqvarna 400, Vaclav Svastal (No 27) from Czechoslovakia on a 360 CZ, and Ake Jonsson (No 19) from Sweden on his 400 Husqvarna. Trailing in the start of the race are three CZ riders and Great Britain’s Vic Eastwood on a BSA Victor 500.

Jeff Smith BSA Victor 500 1967Jeff Smith Titanium BSA Victor 500Jeff Smith Titanium BSA Victor 500

These images are of Jeff Smith accelerating on his titanium equipped BSA VICTOR 500. That’s right, titanium in 1967, you can learn more about that here. Note in the hectic race, he lost his front number plate!

Vic Eastwood Titanium BSA 500 Victor

Vic Eastwood jumping his titanium equipped BSA 500 Victor

Ake Jonsson 360 Husqvarna Sedlcany 1967

In his first season of the 500cc class, here is Ake Jonsson racing his works Husqvarna 360.

The man of the day was Paul Friedrichs of East Germany aboard his CZ as he took the top step of the podium. Paul would go on to seize the 1967 championship title!

Here are the top 6 race results:

  1. Paul Friedrichs – East Germany – CZ
  2. Jeff Smith – Great Britain – BSA
  3. Roger De Coster – Belgium – CZ
  4. Yuri Matveev – USSR – CZ
  5. Vic Eastwood – Great Britain – BSA
  6. Keith Hickman – Great Britain – BSA

These rare photos and captions were provided by our buddy Justyn Norek. For a complete list of race results from the 1967 World Championship series, click here.

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