Vintage MX 101

Are you a vintage motocross buff that knows their stuff?
Take our 20 question quiz below!

1. Motocross began in what country?

2. This rider won the 250cc Supercross championship three years in a row; 1977, 1978, and 1979.

3. This rider is from Sweden and won four 250cc world mx championships aboard his Husqvarna.

4. What was the first production motocross bike to use a rear mono-shock?

5. Who rode his works 1971 Suzuki RH250 to an MX world championship?

6. Who began their career with CZ and went on to win five 500cc world MX championships on his Suzuki?

7. He was the first American to win the 500cc Grand Prix Motocross World Championship, who was it?

8. Who won the AMA National 250cc Championships from 1972-1974?

9. The Phantom, Pioneer and Plonker are all models from what Spanish motorcycle manufacturer?

10. What was the first production liquid-cooled 250cc mx bike?

11. This was the first production mx bike completely cooled by liquid.

12. These bikes were manufactured in Mexico and featured ISLO engines.

13. What German bike manufacturer supported riders like Ake Jonsson, Adolf Weil, and Willy Bauer?

14. A factory fire brought what manufacturer to an end in 1977?

15. This rider is referred to as “The First American”. Who is it?

16. Riding on a Puch, who won the 1975 250cc World Motocross Championship?

17. Bengt Åberg won the F.I.M. 500cc Motocross World Champion on his Husky which two years?

18. Popular motocross broadcaster David Bailey won the AMA 250cc National and Supercross Championships which year?

19. What year was Penton bought out by KTM?

20. Who was the winner of the first Supercross held at the Los Angeles Coliseum in 1972?