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Bell Moto 4 SL

Vintage Bell Moto-4 MX Helmet

Vintage motocross helmets, while maybe not the safest or most comfortable lid to wear, are still cool. Helmets like vintage Bell Moto series, Nolan, and KRW just make a statement sitting on the trophy shelf. Add a Visor-Vu or Hallman visor and a Jofa mouth guard to your old hat, and you’re in business. Honda guys go nuts for an original Hondaline open face helmet.

Bell was the standard and probably the most popular motocross helmet name on the track. The open face Bell 500-TX was a staple and was the first helmet to receive Snell approval. The Bell Moto series set further standards with their full face design and protection in the min 1970s.

Nowadays the options and brands for great mx helmets are nearly endless. While these old mx helmets didn’t have all the bells and whistles of today’s modern technology, they have class for days and remind us of a time when men were men, and motocross was rugged.

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