Justyn Norek

Justyn NorekThis page is dedicated to our friend Justyn Norek Sr. From 1965 to 1975, Justyn Norek was very active as a motocross photographer in Poland. His photos were used by Husqvarna, BSA, Maico, CZ, MZ, Suzuki, and KTM. Justyn’s work was also published in US Petersen motorcycle magazine, in Swedish “MC-Nytt”, British “MOTOR CYCLE”, “MOTOR CYCLING”, monthly “MOTORCYCLIST ILLUSTRATED” and Dutch/Belgian “MOTO CROSS”. Various German, Italian, French and Japanese magazines have also published Justyn’s photos.

Justyn Norek was and is not only a fantastic photographer, but he is also quite the artist and visionary. Check out the gallery below of some of Justyn’s work. More of his amazing photographs can be seen on our Torsten Hallman page. Thanks for sharing your work with us Justyn!

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