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Hodaka Super Rat

Hodaka Super RatThe two-stroke Hodaka Super Rat 100MX was an air-cooled 100cc growling little monster of a dirt bike that was based on the Super Combat 125MX.

Produced with parts that made it lighter, faster, and better handling than other similar model bikes of its time, it became extremely popular. These features included a lower exhaust system, a close ratio gear box, a Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI), a 28mm Mikuni carburetor built for racing, and plastic fenders, as well as other great weight saving and performance adding additions.

The handling on the Hodaka Super Rat 100MX was excellent thanks to a 21 inch front wheel and low center-of-gravity. Hodaka even employed what they called an “Alumiferric Fusion” process that combined a head made of iron and aluminum alloy with widely spaced cooling fins, resulting in decreased heat and less weight, and therefore better performance.

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