Hodaka Combat Wombat

Hodaka Combat WombatHodaka introduced the Wombat in 1972, then later introduced the racing model, the Combat Wombat, in 1973. The Hodaka Combat Wombat became a tough competitor to the other mx’ers of the time. The Combat Wombat was also the first of the Hodaka family to be raced in 125cc class competitions.

Powered by a 123cc two-stroke engine that wound up to 8400 rpm, the Hodaka Combat Wombat also featured a five-speed transmission and a left side shifter. This nimble little motocrosser weighed around 192 pounds with a wheelbase of 53 inches.

The Combat Wombat’s frame and wheels were constructed from strong steel. This produced exactly what Hodaka was best known for; very quick, light, strong and easy to handle bikes!

At this time in the motocross bike market, things were developing very quickly. All of the manufacturers were releasing “new and improved” bikes each year, so Hodaka had to stay on that same path. While the Combat Wombat held its own with the Hondas and Yamahas of the time, Hodaka released the Super Combat in 1974.

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