For Sale: Hodaka Ace 100

I have a complete, in very good shape , Hodaka ace 100 engine .First series I believe and the metal fuel tank that went with it . Haven’t checked for exact year verification but it appears to be 68/69/70 . The engine has been fired and appears to be in excellent shape . The transmission shifts smoothly and also appears to have minimal wear . I will send pictures to anyone interested. I have no use for the engine and would like to see it find a home in a vintage scoot . I have no idea of the value , hoping for some input on that as well . I haven’t seen one complete in this good of shape to compare to .

Published: March 16, 2019 3:01 pm Categorized in:

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  • larry b. says:

    Am interested in the Hodaka engine. Can you email me a reply and let me know a few more details and the price you have in mind.

    Would appreciate a reply when you have a chance, or you can email me a phone number, and I will call you.

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