Bultaco Pursang 250 MK4

Bultaco Pursang 250 MK4Bultaco Pursang 250 MK4

The Bultaco Pursang MK4 was produced from 1969 to 1971. This gorgeous Bultaco Pursang 250 MK4 comes to our showcase from Mark Wiley. Here is what Mark has to say about his stellar iron horse.

I have restored two Bultaco Alpinas, but always loved the boat tail Pursang. Back in the day I had a friend that bought a Pursang Mk4 new. I loved the looks of the bike, plus it went like hell. Keeping my eye open for a good Pursang, I finally found one about 140 miles form my home. Went for a drive with some cash and came home with a pretty much unmolested Pursang. But, highly abused.

Two years later and a bunch of cash I finished the bike. All bolts and fasteners were cad plated as it came from the factory. Anything chrome has been re-chromed, show chrome. I painted all the fiberglass parts with a base coat and followed by a clear coat. This allowed me to “bury” the decals in the clear resulting in a smooth finish. Much better than factory. The engine was frozen solid so a complete rebuilt was completed. I found many parts on eBay, Hugh’s and Mobleys. She rides on NOS Pirellis MX07 tires, just as it came form the factory. The frame has been powdered coated, probably the only incorrect restoration with this bike. New rims with SS spokes. No expense was spared. A fun project with a lot of frustration thrown in for fun. Enjoy.

Thank you for sharing your Pursang, Mark!

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