1985 Suzuki RM125

1985 Suzuki RM1251985 Suzuki RM125

Here is some eye candy for our Suzuki lovers out there. This 1985 Suzuki RM125 hales from Roger Shipman of Hope Mills, NC. Here is what Roger says about his bike:

I bought this very low hour 1985 Suzuki RM125 in 2012. It is completely stock with the exception of a new Wiseco piston which was installed by the local Suzuki dealership tech, whom I bought the bike from. He owned it for 11 years after purchasing it from the second owner, a soldier, who never had time to ride it. The original owner was an older gentleman who bought the bike for his grandson to ride on his farm in the summer. The bike was ridden one summer in 1986 then garaged until sold to the soldier in 2000. It still has the original tires with about 70% tread left. I took it to the local track for 3 laps just to see how it works and it ran perfectly. Enjoy.

1985 Suzuki RM125 Facts

The water cooled 1985 Suzuki RM125 featured a 123cc displacement with a power reed, Mikuni carburetor, and a 6 speed gear box. The ’85 RM125 sat tall at 37.1 inches and 12.6 inches of ground clearance. Weighing in at a low 194 pounds (or 60kg dry weight), the 1985 RM125 was fun and flick-able, like a 125 should be!

Thanks for sharing your Suzuki with us Roger!

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  • John Troulis says:

    I’m rebuilding the same bike for my wife. Just painted the frame metallic black. You’re bike is pretty. Looks like new!

  • Perry Cendro says:

    I need a crank shaft for a 1982 RM125. Does any one know what years will work in the 82 motor? I found a 1985 crank but not sure if it will fit.

    Thanks for any help I can get.


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