1984 Honda CR80

Sean Fries’ 1984 Honda CR80R

Another great looking vintage Honda CR mini comes to us from Sean Fries of Shasta California!

Here is a 1984 Honda CR80 I’m restoring. I decided to combine a little new with the old school and I made a custom set of triple clamps so I could put a 2003 CR 85 front end on it. I had Karl Landrus from KLP racing make me a custom coke bottle swingarm for it as well. This bike is a bad little machine!

Dan Sandberg’s 1984 Honda CR80

1984 Honda CR80 ChassisHey mini mx lovers, check out this sweet 1984 Honda CR80 from our friend and member Dan Sandberg. Be sure to watch his video! Here is what Dan says about his Honda:

This is a 1984 HONDA CR80 that I bought for my boys for $80. I grew up in the 80’s so this was a great opportunity to share my past with my kids. It was listed as an ’85. I checked the internet for parts and found them to be readily available, so I was off.

When I arrived it became clear that it was NOT an ’85 but an ’84. It was trashed. The bottom end was shot, the cylinder was up off the bottom end and locked up, the rear shock was one solid piece and every screw and nut was missing, broken, the wrong one, or rusted. Undaunted, I made an offer and we drove home with our “STEAL”. Uh… an ’84 CR 80’s connecting rod and bottom end parts are VERY difficult to locate….hence the seemingly “GOOD” deal we got.

We proceeded with the project any way with a lot of modifications due to lack of parts and others just because I thought it looked kinda cool. We stripped the bike completely down to the frame and everything else was put in boxes. The whole thing took around 2 years to complete mostly due to funds. (I have 8 kids and work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Parts for old dirt bikes are WAY down on the list of priorities.)

I sold some stuff and worked a few extra jobs for cash and this is the outcome. I couldn’t afford powder coating, so I stripped the frame down and used automotive spray paint. I also primed and painted all the exposed hardware gold, (couldn’t convince the wife that anodized bolts were necessary). The swing arm and shock are off of an ’85 CR 80. I wanted to use the aluminum linkage with needle bearings. The seat is custom made since I couldn’t find a gripper seat cover. ALL the graphics and backgrounds are hand made. The wide foot pegs are off a WR 426, the gas cap is for a 2006 KX250F, the bars are off a KX 125, the rear chain guide came off a 2003 CR 125. The throttle did not fit and it is heavily modified to work. The engine was rebuilt, top end, bottom end, seals and gaskets. I matched the transfers to the case and ported it myself. I did the lettering on the wheels and had to strip lots of spray paint off all the plastic.

I was told it was a “BEER BIKE”. They got drunk and abused it. It now is rebuilt and living in a good home.

That’s a great story Dan, sounds like it was a true labor of love. I think most all of us dirt bike fanatics can agree that we got that way at a young age because of our Dads. I’m sure your kids will be no exception! Thanks for sharing your Honda CR80 with us Dan, you did a great job!

1984 Honda CR80 Gallery

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1984 Honda CR80 & Parts

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  • Rich B says:

    I’m fixing up an 83… you can get all new plastics (except the tank) from DC plastics (for an 84 but they’re basically the same)… DG still makes a pipe and silencer… gas tanks can be cleaned up with sandpaper, soap and water to look good as new.. and the MOTORS will fit for years and years. I’m putting an aluminum swingarm and shock from a 96 on mine, eventually want to go to the disc brakes and upside down forks too. I just love the look of the old bike, I had an 83 when was a kid in the 80s.

  • Keith says:

    Any idea the value? I have an 84 im restoring but cant find a complete one for sale anywhere to compare it to.

  • Tony says:

    Can you tell me what years the CR80 intake manifolds are the same? I found a 1980 on eBay and my bike is an ’84.

    • Dan says:

      Sorry that I hadn’t gotten back with you, I have 8 kids and don’t get on here all that often. The 83 and 84 are the same, but not sure about the other years. My manifold is off of a CR 60…. I just had to jam it into the boot.

  • Kevin says:

    Honest question… did they ever make a CR85R big wheel with an aluminum frame? Would appreciate the help.

  • Jay says:

    Very cool story. My first bike was an ’83 CR80. Made me think of all the good times I had on mine. I still have it, pretty good shape, just needs top end done. I’ve been thinking of doing a top end on it and letting my kids rip the old girl up. After reading about your’s, I just might.

  • Will says:

    I was wondering if a 1984 CR80 top end will fit on an ’83 bottom end?

  • Sean Fries says:

    I just completed mine, a 1984 CR80. It came out amazing. I am super proud of it, went a little crazy with it, but still was worth doing.

  • Gash says:

    I have just acquired one of these, also in a terrible condition. I am in the process of trying to locate parts and spending a ‘great deal’ of time and money doing so. I have to pursue it until the end though as it is very sentimental to me and reminds me of my youth and the truly golden era of Scrambling, which sadly had long since vanished. It’s pathetic I know, but, I cannot help it.

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