1984 Honda CR-125R project bike


The bike ran before I took it apart to repair the water pump from leaking. When apart, I found the water pump housing which is part of the Magnesium clutch cover had severe corrosion. This is a very common issue with the mid 80’s Honda’s with the Magnesium covers. I bought a used cover off e-bay which was in much better shape. Then I made the common J-B Weld repair to the housing which turned out nice. I was told a 1985 CR-125 clutch cover would work but, I found out very quickly that is not the case. The 84 clutch cover is a one year only piece. The clutch basket area is deeper on the 84 so an 85 cover will fit, it is to tight and the basket want turn. I am at a point where I’m just tired of working on it and want to let it got to someone else to finish it.

The bike is apart where you can see the repair and new water pump parts installed. The ATAC and pipe are off so you can see the piston and cylinder bore.

The bike to me looks mostly original except for the very rare PCI privateer pipe. It looks like a works pipe with the multiple cones welded together. I would think the pipe is worth $500 by itself. (new pipe not in photo)
The bike is not perfect, but a nice start to a fresh restoration. It come with a service manual, some new OEM parts, the water pump was rebuilt with new bearings and seals and new fluids.

Update: I put the bike back together so I would not loose any of the parts.
call Jeff in Clayton, North Carolina for more info: 919-278-618

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