1983 Yamaha YZ250K Euro (White & Red Model)

1983 YAMAHA YZ250K EURO RED-WHITEThanks to Paul Holmstrem of Burlington, Massachusetts for sharing his 1983 Yamaha YZ250K Euro model. Many of you might know, the European (and Australian) model Yamahas sported the red and white look since 1974 and in Canada since 1982. The red and white models didn’t go state side until 1985.

Here’s what Paul says about his Yammerhammer:

Here’s my recently finished 1983 Yamaha YZ250K. This bike is a true survivor that was freshened up top to bottom. The motor was rebuilt: crank seals, bearings and fresh top end. Mild porting, Boyesen reeds, full DG exhaust and silencer. The shock was completely rebuilt along with a new custom wound spring. The forks are fresh, as well as brakes and new plastic. She is very tight and not built for your living room. It puts a lot of them 4 strokers in there place. Long live 2 smokers!

Thanks for sharing, Paul!

Rohan’s 1983 Yamaha YZ250K Euro Model

What we have here is another beautifully re-done 1983 Yamaha YZ250K, this time with the red and white plastic that was distributed in Europe, Canada and Australia. So it’s no surprise that this bike comes to us from Rohan of South Australia.

The list of new parts on this zinger is a mile long. Here is what Rohan says about his YZ:

The bike was completely gutted, the frame powder coated and everything that could be replaced, has been replaced. The engine has had a full rebuild and re-bored. The bike is all finished, with a grand total of 4,200 AUD invested.

The List Of New

  • Replaced all bolts & nylock nuts with stainless steel
  • Plastics
  • Tapes, tubes, s/bolts & caps
  • Excel rims & stainless steel spokes
  • Swing arm bushings & link arm needle roller bearings
  • Coil
  • Gear lever
  • Air cleaner
  • Polished aluminum radiators
  • Braided stainless steel water hoses & fittings
  • Sprockets & gold o ring chain
  • Brake shoes
  • Powder coated hubs
  • Rear brake cable
  • Recharged rear shock with N/gas & replaced seals
  • Tank is painted with special plastic primer
  • Decals
  • Red fuel lines
  • Throttle cable
  • Clutch cable
  • Chain guides & rollers
  • Head stem bearings
  • Fork seals
  • Fork dust boots, gaiters, & plastic protectors
  • Pro-Taper handle bars
  • Brake & clutch levers
  • Splined shafts & gears
  • Complete crank shaft
  • Crank shaft bearings & seals
  • Pirelli Scorpion tires

I think we can all agree, Rohan means business when he rebuilds a bike. Great job on your ’83 YZ250 Rohan, thanks for sharing it with all of us!

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1983 Yamaha YZ250K Euro (White & Red Model) & Parts

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  • Shane says:

    I just got my hands on a yz 250k euro red/white modle- it had me stumped on why the pipe was on the opposite side but it makes sense to me now.

  • Clive Engelbrecht says:


    I am from South Africa and I have recently got my hands on a ’83 YZ250 as per the one above. It took some work to get it running. My mate sorted the motor out and I fiddled with the carburetor to get it started. Now 2 kicks and she runs. Had new brake cables made and fitted a new handlebar and waiting for my new clutch/brake levers to arrive to put them on.

    The side plastics are missing so I’ll order new ones and the 1st gear has been stripped. Will be redoing the exhaust as well to make sure she sounds pretty. It is a long way from what you have done but it gives me hope that it can be done 🙂

  • paul holmstrem says:

    Thanks a lot Dan! Do you have a list of suppliers that can help on an 1983 YZ250?

  • paul holmstrem says:

    I would like to touch base about his coolant hose kit for his 83 YZ250… first time I have ever seen this done before. Maybe a little overkill, but I must have! I am in U.S., so we both can become innovators in our own country.

    [email protected] or facebook at sebastionpepsi, or how ever we decide to communicate…

    Maybe some links to products for the 83 yz250… we need to keep these bikes alive, there are not many originals left out there…

    Paul -Boston

  • daniel sandberg says:

    Wow Paul, what an awesome bike!!! I am building an 87 YZ 250 as we speak. Probably won’t look as nice as yours though!!

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