1983 Honda CR480R

1983 Honda CR480R1983 Honda CR480R

Check out these 1983 Honda CR480R showcase bikes from Steve McArthur, the owner of motofotos.net! These left side kick starting beasts have been lovingly restored, modified, and winning races since they were rescued by Steve!

1983 Honda CR 480, just finished the race season on her… she took first! I started with a running basket case, took her down to the frame, powder coat, fresh top end, plastic, seat, suspension rebuild, tires, bearings, bars, controls, pegs, etc. The jetting was way off, but once I got that close, she woke up! Fun bike to ride, and now that the suspension is done, she doesn’t mind the big jumps that today’s tracks all have. The ’83 480 was “the” bike to have back then (or maybe a Maico 490). Left side kick is unique, and with the short throw of the kick starter, the compression release valve I added was a must. Now the kick is more like a KDX 200, and the bike starts easily. Little things like taking 2012 CRF 450 pegs, and grinding them to fit make a difference. Easy mod done with pegs that were in the cabinet!

1983 Honda CR480R Gallery

Let’s take a look at the second 1983 Honda CR480R. Here are Steve’s list of customizations on this red rocket.

This one is decked out. Simons link, flywheel weight and custom housing. Race Tech gold valve shock with emulators on the front. Mikuni carb, hand built cone pipe, black forks and wheels, 19″ rear wheel, custom head work with compression release valve (makes this easy to start, like kicking a 125), custom anodized triple clamps, shock, Simons link. DG silencer. Gripper cloth seat, with embroidered CR (super comfortable, and you don’t slip!). BIG IMS footpegs!

1983 Honda CR480R Facts

The CR480R model replaced Honda’s questionable 1981 CR450R model in 1982. Honda kept the heat on their competition with the winning 1983 Honda CR480R. The 1983 Honda CR480R was and still is, one of the best open class bikes, ever. The 472cc air cooled engine featured a reed valve and fueled by the 38mm Keihin carburetor. What is extremely impressive is the bike’s weight, a slim 226 pounds. The 1983 was even better than the 1982 model with updated Showa adjustable 43mm forks and Pro-Link rear suspension. A new design, a fifth gear added, geometry, and tons of weight saving aluminum components like the pegs, kickstarter, and muffler put the 1983 Honda CR480R as one of the best handling, powerful, and fun bikes to ride!

Did you have a 1983 Honda CR480R? Do you still have one? Tell us your thoughts and comments below! Thank you Steve for sharing your classic Honda mx’er!

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  • Rob says:

    I rode and raced my Honda CR480 in c grade motocross in the mid ’80s. It was a fun bike to ride especially with the White Power rear shocks and KTM’s Marzochi front forks and Brembo disk brakes. I never had a problem starting the bike and was running stock jetting with the blue wire pulled out of the ignition which was a rev limiter and I ran golden lodge 25 four electrode spark plugs. The engine ran crisp and hard without any issues. The spark plug made all the difference. I highly recommend the use of this plug.

  • Eric says:

    The 83′ CR480R was an awesome machine! Back in the day I rode it’s little brother, the 83′ CR250R, but once had a chance to ride the 480 on a weekend playride. What a blast that thing was! Blazing fast and light, it was a joy to behold that would put a smile on your face. Thanks for the memories!

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