1980 Suzuki RM125T

1980 Suzuki RM125T1980 Suzuki RM125T

Check out this extremely clean, showroom quality 1980 Suzuki RM125T! This latest showcase submission comes from our member Steve Weber of Waterloo, Ontario. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Steve probably bleeds yellow. Here’s what he has to say about his ’80 RM125:

A totally restored bike, with a ton of OEM/NOS parts used in the resto. An absolute labor of love. She’s a VERY strong runner, but will be used to show at various bike shows & tracks in the area. The last year of the air-cooled RM engines, as well as the last year of the twin-shock rear suspension. I’ll be emptying the tank & installing new decals to show her off!

Some more facts about the 1980 Suzuki RM125; they weighed in at a very light 194 pounds and produced an impressive 27 horses thanks to the 124cc reed-valve fed engine.

Thanks for letting us show off your Suzuki to everyone Steve, you should be proud!

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  • Curtis Leonard says:

    Nice bike. I just bought a 79 that’s in great shape but not as nice as yours. Tryin to make it nice for unadilla mx rewind this year.

  • Dan Sandberg says:

    What a nice RM! I have seen many old RMs growing up but all were completely trashed. Most of my friends thought repairs came by the way of duct tape and arc welders. Yours is a beautiful example of what an old vintage bike should look like.

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