1979 Suzuki RM125

1979 Suzuki RM125

We welcome another mean yellow machine to our showcase. This 1979 Suzuki RM125 comes to us from Cary Barrett. The black rims, yellow forks, and blue frame really make this bike stand out, and gives it a modern touch. Excellent job Cary!

“My first attempt at restoring a dirt bike, I enjoyed it so much I think I’ll try another!”

The light and nimble 1979 Suzuki RM 125 weighed in at a mere 189 pounds and featured a 123cc reed valve fed engine that cranked out a respectable 26.5 horsepower. Like a lot of 125’s, the ’79 RM125 lacked bottom end power, but kept in the higher revs, this bike held it’s own for the class.

Let us know when you’ve finished your next restore Cary!

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1979 Suzuki RM125 & Parts

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