1978 Yamaha Cheney NEB 600

1978 Yamaha Cheney NEB 6001978 Yamaha Cheney NEB 600Here is another rare beast of a bike from Mike Owens of Stafford, England. This is his 1978 Yamaha Cheney NEB 600!

What can you say?! The beast… built by Eric back in 1978. The bike features period NEB Engineering modifications inc. Forged crank, connecting rod and piston. It breathes through an Amal 38mm Mk 2 carburetor. The motor has the flywheel removed to let it rev… and I can assure you, it revs!!

The bike is original apart from the seat which was replaced. The XT seat it should have is far too big. Pics show bike with a pair of old shocks on, it now has its original Sachs Hydrocross units in place. This is a very quick bike.

Thanks for sharing again Mike!

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  • Tim Needham says:

    I bought a NEB 600 Yamaha in the early 80’s. I was told at the time of purchase that the bike had been raced in the British Championship rounds in the late 70’s and had finished 2nd in that year. I don’t now who was riding it and was no doubt just sales talk. The bike has a 3 speed gearbox, I have made some slight modifications to it in the 80’s when I had it powder coated and fitted 50mm Yamaha forks with front disc brake and white power rear suspension. Can anybody tell me anything about the bike?

    Cheers Tim Needham

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