1976 Yamaha XT 500C

1976 Yamaha XT 500C1976 Yamaha XT 500CThe Yamaha XT 500C was an extremely popular enduro bike produced from 1975 to 1981. The Yamaha XT 500 featured an 18″ rear wheel, and a 21″ wheel in the front. The massive twin-valve 499cc engine was fed by a 2.3 gallon tank and revved through a 5 speed gearbox.

This 1976 model comes to us from Udo Jattke in Cairns, Australia.

Bought this bike as a wreck and sourced the parts all over the world. The aim was to rebuild this bike to the same as I had when I was just 17. With a lot of sourcing, I was amazed what parts I could get from the U.S. and GB. I have totally rebuilt the motor and use this bike as my every day rider. I am also completing a TT500D which also is coming up just great and should have photos soon.

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1976 Yamaha XT 500C & Parts

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  • Douw de Klerk says:

    Good day,

    I am from South Africa, building up a XT500 1N5 the older XT, im am looking for new unused parts, speedo revcounter rear inner fender tool boxd and tools, please help me find these parts, i am an eBay member and i pay. ihiywi is my eBay username.

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