1976 Suzuki RM125A

Build a website and they will come… Richard Andersen from California has shares his stunning 1976 Suzuki RM125A with vintagemx.net today! I’m sure you’ll agree, Richard did a fantastic job.

I bought this April of 2010 and it took 12 months to fully restore. It was originally posted on Craig’s list for $400. I haven’t even rode her yet! The motor was completely disassembled with all bearings removed. The cases, covers and cylinder were powder coated satin black. The frame is coated gloss black. All hardware was zinc plated, even the spokes and nipples. All plastics came from Vintage Suzuki. I had fun restoring it, now on to my 1975 Suzuki RM125M!

1976 Suzuki RM125A Facts

The ’76 RM125A (not to be confused with the less popular RM125S) was the first Suzuki MX’er to have an up pipe. The 125A produced a claimed 26 hp powered by a 123cc power reed valve fed cylinder at a screaming 10,500 rpm. BRAAAAAP! The 1976 RM125A also featured a 6 speed gear box, 7.9 inches of front fork travel, and 8.3 inches of rear suspension travel.

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1976 Suzuki RM125A & Parts

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