For Sale: 1976 Husqvarna 250 WR – Original

This incredible Husky is all original and comes with a title. It even has the original Barum tires and tubes, which still have sharp square edges and nipples on them, evidence that this bike has little mileage on it. Best of all, this Husky has the original gray oiler cables that are no longer available. The tank is original and beautiful, one of the best I have seen. The seat has the ribbed cover, as with all original WR’s of this era, and has the white Husky H on the back. The original sticker on front of the steering tube is in good shape and the original Akront stickers are present on both beautiful aluminum rims. Since this is the WR version of the 250 and meant for desert racing and enduros, it came stock with an aluminum front hub can support a speedometer cable, although one was never installed. Back in 1976 the white fenders were more of a translucent white, which discolor a bit with age, so I installed new white fenders and number plates just to improve the look. It is pictured without the new front plate, but I do have it. Other items that were replaced include the kill switch and hand grips. Don’t worry, I have all of the originals, so you can always stick them back on.

This Husky spent its entire life in California until I bought it in the fall of 2015 from the second owner and brought it to Phoenix Arizona. I test rode the bike at the time of purchase and shifted it through all of the gears without problem. I have enjoyed having it on display at my home, but it is time for someone else to enjoy it. I’m happy to answer any questions. Did I use the word “original” enough?
$4100 obo

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