For Sale: 1975 Yamaha MX400

1975 MX400 For Sale – ready to ride or restore. $1400
This bike has been in the family since the late 1970’s and was ridden regularly for several years, until around 1980. After that it just went from one warehouse to another, ridden just a few times each year to keep things operational. I would consider it very low hours for its age, to my knowledge everything is original and in good condition relative its age.

Usually starts within 1-3 kicks, a little heavy to oil on the current fuel/oil ratio in the tank so it is a smoker. Tank and carb are clean, everything functions on the bike, suspension is adequate but soft. I have replaced misc orings and seals over the years to keep carb in order and overall leaks at a minimum. Frame in great shape, no dents in fuel tank or repairs I can recall. Frame and engine serial numbers match.

Willing to let any local mechanic of your choice inspect, bike is in the Greenville SC area. Call or email 864-303-0736

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