1974 Yamaha YZ125A Noguchi

1974 Yamaha YZ125A NoguchiThis slick 1974 Yamaha YZ125A isn’t stock, but it is very cool! This beautiful YZ’inger belongs to John Novak from Wilbraham, MA.

The bike was a labor of love for me. In 1975 I bought a used 1974 YZ125A. I saved all my money and fixed it. I road that bike for 3 years and regret the day I sold it.

This past year, I started collecting parts to build another one. The frame came from over seas. The tank, fenders, and seat I found locally. I bought 4 motors and put the best of all into one. The frame had been gusseted to support the laid down shocks. This stops you from using a stock pipe, as it will not fit through the frame. I found a good down pipe, I believe it’s a DG.

The motor just didn’t make the power needed to pull me around as I no longer weigh 145 lbs. With some creative work, a 1977 motor was fitted in, along with dual stage reads. This helped a lot. I still found that my main competition was pulling me on hills and long straights. That’s when I found out they were running MX175 top ends.

So, now I’m in the process of modifying it to accept the 1978 IT175 top end I bought for it. It never ends, but it’s so much fun. I found the Noguchi tank graphics on-line, and the white paint job makes me happy. The front end is from a 1974 YZ250A, and makes a BIG difference. It’s so light and fun to ride.

Did You Know?

Yamaha first introduced their YZ line up in 1974. The original 1974 YZ125A featured an up-pipe and a 5 speed transmission. Yamaha made two 125 motocrossers this year, the MX125 and the YZ125. The YZ was the full-blown race version and the price was about $120 more. The YZ also featured a Hitachi CDI ignition, a 28mm Mikuni carburetor, better handlebars, closer gear ratio, and a chrome bore cylinder and aluminum gas tank. The forks gave 6 inches of travel, while the rear shocks gave 3.5 inches. Yamaha claimed that their 7-port reed valve 1974 YZ125 produced 23 horsepower at a screaming 10,000 rpm!

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1974 Yamaha YZ125A Noguchi & Parts

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  • Roy Nigra says:

    Beautiful! I’ve just begun. I purchased a ’74 Mx 125a in excellant rideable condition, new piston rings, runs awesome. Just added ’74 360mx front end (so much better) Interested now in the 175 top end idea. Also installed a set of Works rear shocks. Handles so much better. Beautiful job John!

  • Anonymous says:

    John, you did an awesome job on that thing. I really like all the swapping of parts and such to come up with the bike you wanted. Sweet bike!!

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