1974 Cooper Enduro 250

1974 Cooper Enduro 250Today let’s check out the first Cooper submitted to the showcase! This very nice vintage 1974 Cooper enduro 250 is owned and shared by an equally nice guy, Murray Turner. Below is Murray’s story.

Showcased is my 1974 Cooper Enduro 250 motorcycle with a 5 speed transmission. I bought the bike new in 1974 when I was in college. I rode the bike a few miles during the summer of 1974 and then parked the bike in my brother-in-laws shed. Over the next 30 years my boys and I started and rode the bike a few times when we were at the farm. The bike then sat for 11 years till I decided to restore the bike in 2015. The bike only had 441 miles on it, but was in rough shape. As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of work to do. I started from the ground up and put 3 years into the project and put more than 3 times the original cost in the bike. Luckily we had started the engine a few times during the years that it sat, so the engine just had to be gone through and cleaned up. The bike is 99% original including the original tires. The only replacements made were a new clutch, throttle, and speedometer cable (they were all frozen), and I lost the original kick starter so I had one made based on a picture of an original Cooper.

Thank you for sharing your Cooper, Murray!

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1974 Cooper Enduro 250 & Parts

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