1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore

1973 Honda CR250MMany vintage motocross enthusiasts consider the 1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore one of the most influential motocross bikes of all time. Not only was it the first dirt bike that Honda built from the ground up instead of using a street bike as a model, but the Elsinore was also Honda’s first two-stroke machine.

The CR250M was released to the public in 1973, and was an air-cooled 248cc two-stroke with a single cylinder and close-ratio five-speed transmission. It had a Flywheel Magneto Ignition System and a wet disc multi-plate clutch. The Elsinore also had a semi-double cradle frame. The CR250M was 214 pounds when dry, 44.9 inches tall, 35 inches wide at the handlebars, and 84.3 inches from front to back.

The paint scheme in the CR250M’s inaugural year consisted of a custom silver metallic and expert green. The fenders were constructed from ABS plastic and painted silver, while the brushed aluminum fuel tank had a green top-panel with black stripes. The number plates were silver with green oval panels. This color scheme was only used the first two years of production.

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1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore & Parts

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  • Kc Keeley says:

    I’ve got a 73 elsinire all restored when you first start it it runs great. But when it warms up it loads up and is doggy off the bottom end. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Kent hanson says:

    Looking for reed bearing that goes behind clutch basket Takes two I have one For 73 cr 250 Elsinore

  • james says:

    I had a 73 cr250 when I was a teen ,what a unbelievable bike, I bought another one about 7 years ago and was restoring it, I had back surgery 2 years ago it has so much compression I cant even kick it over but its sure nice to look at and dream.

  • Steve Cascio says:

    I seen a few 250 Elsinores on ebay, some cheap. Parts are everywhere.

  • Kim Hogan says:

    I just found a 1973 Honda CR250M, all original parts, including original tires. The bike has been ridden a lot but is in decent condition for a 40+ year old. I am thinking that it might not be a good bike to restore as it is in good, but used condition, and it might be better to keep as a “survivor” bike instead of a polished up restore with aftermarket plastic, etc…

    What do you think?

  • Scott says:

    Hello, I am looking to pick up a 1973/74 Honda Cr250 Elsinore for a restoration project. My question is, in general are parts hard to source for these bikes? Can anyone offer up any tips? I just fully restored a 1969 Honda Z50 K1 so I know how labor intensive it can get so any help before I take the plunge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott!

    • Tori says:

      Parts are exspensive if there oem but there’s alot out there just watch out for repops….

    • Tori says:

      I have a all original 73 cr 250 even the tires are original i want to trade for 2 xr 100’s that are mechanically sound so my husband and i can puttputt around on logging rds together

      • Mark says:

        I would like to speak with you about purchasing your 1973 cr250m motorcycle

  • Sean Harkins says:

    Back in the 80’s a neighbor of my sold me a mint like brand new 1973 Elsinore CR 250 for $250. Wow, the bike had so much power. Though in the 80’s the suspension was out dated, loved the bike. Wish I had kept it.

  • MIKE BISHOP says:

    Thanks for sharing your recollection of your new ’73 Elsinore! The bike holds very special memories for me; Dave Ekins and I created a new off-road motorcycle magazine in 1973, called Dirt Rider. It’s launch coincided with the launch of the Elsinore, and because of good karma that Dave and I had with Honda we were given exclusive access to the Elsinore for track test. The rest of the magazines, including Cycle, Cycle World, and Dirt Bike had to cool their heels for a couple of weeks before they had a shot at the bike. Looking back, it was one of the most influential and important milestones in affordable motocrosser development. And it was one of the high points of my career in motor journalism.

    Mike Bishop
    Santa Rosa, California

  • Mike McNabb says:

    Ron — I think I’ve found something. Go to ‘dcvmx.com’. They’ve got the stuff I need. It’s not OEM, if you’re looking for that, but it’s great if you’re building a racer, etc. And it DOES look very original. AWESOME — I can finish my bike now!

  • Mike McNabb says:

    Yeah, Ron — I need a rear as well. People keep telling me there are resources for this plastic, but I can;t find it either. I also need a plastic tank and side panels…..

  • Ron Abela says:

    Hello i need a front and rear fender for a 1973 cr250m can any one help?

    • Eddie Williams says:

      I have a used front and rear fender off my 73 project CR..need to be repainted and replace the front mudflap..I got replacements at VMX racing..

  • Jim says:

    The bike brings back good memories. I bought my 73 Honda CR 250 Elsinore new back when I was in high school. I layed down just short of $1600.00 on the sales desk at the Honda Dealer and proudly walked my new bike off the show room floor. My friends and I spent many weekends for years riding in Gorman, California. My biggest secret for winning races was out of the starting gate in third gear. The bike was a power house and could easly scream off the starting line in third gear which like lightening put you well beyond the front of the pack while the others were going through the gears. Funny… They never caught on, or figured it out for themselves. I was one of first within our little gang of friends to buy the elsinore, and it wasn’t very long after that the majority of my friends all owned Honda Elsinores.


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