1969 Suzuki TS250

1969 Suzuki TS250This showcase bike comes from Erik of Colorado. His 1969 Suzuki TS250 enduro definitely isn’t a hard core motocrosser, but is actually based on one, the Suzuki TM. Plus, we think it’s very cool and looks great for a bike that is over 40 years old! You definitely don’t see one of these everyday. Here is what Erik says about his TS250:

My pride and joy, a 1969 Suzuki TS250. Its mostly stock and original, save for the grips on it. Everything works, except the horn. The oil injector seized, so now I’m running pre-mix. The seat was re-upholstered 5 years ago. The tank was originally red, but is now silver, the chrome fenders, and everything else that’s chrome on the bike looks good too. The turn signals, and mirrors have been removed. It really is in great condition for its age. I will be restoring it in the distant future.

Thanks for sharing your bike Erik, it’s got some great vibes!

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  • Denny Wathke says:

    Beautiful bike. I just picked one up that has several issues. I have torn the bike apart and I am beginning the restoration. I think it will be a great project. Any ideas on where to find parts other than on here? I have an ad on Marks site looking for parts but no bites yet.

  • steve says:

    I was told that TS 250’s had to use the oil injection pump because premix could get to the flywheel side crank bearing. I was told that the cases had to be split and the bearing modified and cases drilled so premix would lubricate both bearings. Has there been any problems using premix in it?

    • Erik Fuller says:

      Steve, no I haven’t had any problems. But that could very well be the case. I was not aware of that, but its something I may look into.

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