1967 Greeves 250 Challenger

1967 Greeves 250cc ChallengerWe here at VintageMX.net are starting to get a little jealous of Kenneth Jordan, the man has some gorgeous vintage mx bikes! Today he shares his beautiful 1967 Greeves 250 Challenger! Be sure to also check out his 1974 Bultaco 360 Pursang and 1976 Alpina!

This wonderful 1967 Greeves 250cc Challenger has been in our family for 44 years. Brother Steve bought it from another guy when it was only a year old in 1968. In 1969 he traded it to my oldest brother Jace, for a Corvair (car). He rode it for a year or so, and then it sat outside for the next 30 years. I restored it in 2001, funded by brother Jace (he made me put that in…ha).

It’s pretty much stock, except bored one over, and new paint and seat recovered. The front fender and Amal carb are new also… purchased from the “Greeves Guru” Frank Conley. We start it every couple years, and it runs great… just a little loud.

Thanks again Kenneth!

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1967 Greeves 250 Challenger & Parts

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  • Doug says:

    My mother-in-law has a ’67 Greeves 250 Challenger in her basement, I would like to know what it’s worth. Father-in-law just passed away. From what I can see its all there and been in this heated basement for awhile. This will probably go up for sale, I have the title. There also is another one with it, but no title and we don’t know if we can sell it or not. It’s also a Greeves. Thanks, Doug From Southern Ohio.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Doug, you can sell your Greeves without a title, assuming no one is going to ride it on the road. If any doubt, call your local DMV.

  • George says:

    Live in Canada now, but still have my 1966 250 greeves in my old shed in England, has a greeves square barrel and Villiers engine, must get serial number and post it. When I bought it 43 years ago, I was told Bickers had owned it. It came with and older period bike trailer, think that’s gone though. HAPPY DAYS.

  • Dave says:

    My older bro would give me flack for my misnomer above on what I recall as the burnt orange colored stator rotor (or whatever the heck it’s called) covering the points, etc. I had a full shop manual from England and a great English tech article with excellent photos called, believe it or not, “The Greeves Strip.” How is that for old school tech support?

  • Dave says:

    Had one of these in the 1970’s. Fifty bucks in a basket. It had a conventional front end and a BSA aluminum tank although the blue f.glass one was among my original collection of spares. Put a super trap spark arrestor on it to placate the neighbors and county law enforcement authorities. Alas, is had a 19″ 40 spoke heavy-a front wheel, not a 21″. Thank goodness for one of the last dealers standing in Oxnard, CA to help me get the Swedish Albion four speed transmission working. So much fun to ride! I have only one Polaroid photo of it sitting in my Mom’s front yard parked against a tree. Sold it for college expenses, but worth all the sweat equity I put into the old world class two stroke. Loved the chain oiler in the swing arm, the sweet little aluminum heat shield between the cylinder and carb., the points flywheel cover that came off for cooking soup (if needed), and the primary chain and case that connected that Sweede Albion to the Brit bottom end! What a marvelous bike. Only wish mine had the bullet proof leading link front end!

  • John "Jace" Jordan says:

    Most beautiful of the bikes. Remember the day!

    Bro Jace

  • Steve Jordan says:

    I got hosed on that one bro, but at least the Greeves is still in the family!!!

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